Patent Information

The Meriden Fire Arms Company registered several patents. Most of which were registered by A.J. Aubrey himself.

Patent Reference on Rib

The most distinct patent marking on double guns is located on the rib. The majortiy of the firearms will have one of the following:

  2. PAT’D JULY 9, 1907

The patent referenced on the rib is US patent number 859,477. From an identification point of view the patent marking gives you an approximate cutoff point with regards to the time your firearm may have been manufactured.

Aubrey Patents

There are several other patents held by A.J. Aubrey:

Description Patent # Issue Date
Improved Safety for breakdown guns 859477 9. Jul. 1907
Sight For Firearms 839535 25. Dec. 1906
Sight For Firearms 835091 6. Nov. 1906
Automatic Shell-Ejector for Firearm 887569 12. May. 1908
Fore-Stock Fastener for Firearms 887568 12. May. 1908
Gun-Lock 902639 3. Nov. 1908
Safety Hammer 911362 2. Feb. 1909
Rifle-Barrel Construction 918491 20. Apr. 1909

Patent 839535

One of Aubrey’s more interesting patents listed above is US patent number 839,535. This ‘disappearing sight’ design can be found on some of higher grade firearms manufactured by Meriden Fire Arms.

sight in down/flush position
sight in up position

Other Patents

Inventor George A. Horne also has registered patents under Meriden Fire Arms Company. Horne registered numerous fire arms related patents prior to his time with Meriden Fire Arms, including Patent 921,220 which he registered with co-inventor Ansley H. Fox.

Description Patent # Issue Date
Magazine Rifle 1146568 13. Jul. 1915
Magazine Gun 1146569 13. Jul. 1915

Two brothers, Arthur J. Savage (of Meriden) and Basil Savage (of Duarte, CA) both have related patents assigned to Sears. The earliest patent (1,019,367) appears to be the basis for Meriden’s repeating shotgun. Basil’s patent (1,108,400) is referenced on the Meriden Model 15 slide action rifle. Both men are the son of Arthur W. Savage (founder of Savage Arms and inventor of the radial tire). Arthur J. and Arthur W. were operating out of Utica NY in late 1800’s. In 1901 Arthur W. Savage moved to Duarte, CA, and formed the Savage Tire company. If you look at Basil’s 1912 patent he is located in Duarte and Arthur W. Savage is one of the witnesses.

Description Patent # Issue Date
Firearm 1019367 5. Mar. 1912
Firearm 1027773 28. May. 1912
Firearm 1108400 25. Aug. 1914

Fred Biffar, President of Meriden Fire Arms Company had a patent assigned to him. The invention by Prospero Donadio was for a simple safety mechanism for pistols. This feature, along with a “Pat. May 1917″ stamping can be found on revolvers made by Meriden Fire Arms Company. Fred Biffar introduces an interesting wrinkle in the Meriden story. Mr. Biffar operated the Fred Biffar & Co business in Chicago. They were a retailer of sporting goods. It appears that several manufactures produced firearms for Fred Biffar & Co including Meriden Fire Arms and it appears that many of the products carried other trade names when distributed through Biffar’s business. One example is the Howard Arms Co. line of pistols that were identical to the Meriden Fire Arms Co. pistols. They Howard Arms Co. pistols even retailed the ‘M.F.A Co.” emblem on the grips.

Description Patent # Issue Date
Safety Lock 1227531 22. May. 1917

Another patent that pre-dates Meriden Fire Arms Company is the patent for the mechanism used to attach the fore-end stock. In later Sears catalogs the fore-end is explicitly referred to as a “Deeley & Edge fore-end.” Patent 140,482 is the patent for the fore-end mechanism.

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