Research Letters

Sample Research Letter Package
Sample Research Letter Package

We are often asked by collectors for specific information pertaining to their firearms…like date of manufacture.  Unfortunately, none of the factory production or sales records for Meriden Fire Arms Company have been found.  Product age can be estimated based on your item’s serial number and basic features.

We can provide an elegant research letter which will detail your firearm’s key features along with an estimated year of sale. Our research letters are printed on a reproduction of an early Meriden Fire Arms Company letterhead. The heavy-weight letterhead is 100% cotton rag and acid-free. The letter will be placed in an archival plastic slip cover that will fit into a 3-ring binder. It will be mailed flat and protected from being bent.

  • Research letter on a reproduction Meriden Fire Arms Company letterhead
  • Reproduction of original advertisement(s)
  • Reproduction of customer testimonials
  • Reproduction post card
  • Reproduction warranty certificate
  • Package postmarked from Meriden, Connecticut

Research letter packages cost $35. If you are interested in a research package  please contact us and we will reach out to you about collecting the appropriate details and arranging payment.


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